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All images here on Framed are fully downloadable in High-Resolution formats and can be reproduced from wallet size to poster sizes in amazing clarity for your use. Photographed by amature and seasoned photographers these fine images qualify as professional quality as seen in magazines, publications, posters, etc. Click on any image for simple download instructions, choice of sizes and prices. Make fine Holiday Season Gifts.

Gothic Valentines Day High Resolution Photo

This is a Gothic Valentines Day illustration of  a Heart with a intersecting cross in flames. The image you are seeing is in very low resolution and watermarked. Downloaded it is in high resolution and sharp as a tack. It uses range from wall art, cards, backgrounds and in a few case tattoo outlines. The uses are unlimited.Click on image to get yours.

Sexy Spanish Lady Silhouette

More from our Sexy Silhouette Collection is this Silhouette of a very Sexy Spanish Woman in a long gown with red accents. As all of this collection it also is available in very high resolutions for any use. These artworks enlarged and framed present a very deco look to any interior. Click image for more information,

Sexy Silhouette Wall Art

From our Sexy Silhouettes collection here we have a beautiful nude woman clad only in panties, jewelery and shoes. She is a bit coy so she covers her breasts with her arm as she comes closer to you. This high resolution image can be yours. Remember here you are viewing in very low resolution. For more information click image.

Two Lovers Silhouette Exclusive A Valentines Day Special!

This is truly a remarkable silhouette for lovers. What a fantastic Valentines Day Gift it is for someone you love. A masterpiece when framed always to be admired. The artist may remove it from purchase anytime so please order your download soon. Resolutions range as high as 5400x3554px for almost any size enlargement including portrait.

High Resolution Silhouette of a Defiant Woman in Boots

New Today is this High Resolution Silhouette of a beautiful strong defiant woman in Stellito Boots. Silhouettes are becoming very popular being they have maximum flexability. Their use is unlimited. Download your choice of resolutions and keep in mind that the higher the resolution the larger and more detailed the image will be. Click on image for more information.

New Italian Pasta Macaroni Boxes on Tray Clip Art

 Very Nice stock image photo/clip art of three Pasta Macaroni Boxes on a Tray in the colors of Italy. Each box can be customized and lettered to your specification and artistic talents. Very multi-use image. Click on image for downloading.

Be a Heavy Weight Champion in this Genuine Ali Outfit

           Now anyone can be The Heavy Weight Champion of the World in this genuine Ali boxing outfit. Made so you can paste your favorite person into it with a few key strokes. It can be downloaded in high resolutions for any size photograph or poster. With a little imagination you can create a fantastic gift for the champion in your life or household.

Inspire and Believe

Remarkable Words to Live by for you Home, House of Worship, School or someone in need of a lifting of the spirit. Click on the image of your choice.

These images are in current use in hospitals. Printed out they have space around them where friends and family can sign their names, make best wishes or get well comments. Think about the possibilities the offer of inspiration and belief can have on a person.

Florida's Vulnerable Bridge

He is a close-up of a Florida Bridge taken about 40 feet from the supports. This bridge allows the flow of tourist and work traffic to flow and also trade and commerce activity. A vulnerable part of the infrastructure indeed. Should bridges be secured or at the least camera monitored as a security measure? You can download this photo in high resolution by clicking on the photo.

Fort Lauderdale Downtown Skyline and Cityscape

This Skyline image has been cropped from the City Image above. Our images allow for maximum flexability at high resolutions!

Unsecured Community Power Sub Station

Your viewing a unsecured Power Sub Station here in America. Vulnerable? Fully public accessable and isloated only about 40 feet from the street surrounded by trees and brush. Unmonitored or alarmed makes a great target. Might as well leave the gate wide open! Click on the image for high resolution downloadable photo.

Sammy the Squirrel in Nuts for Nuts!

Meet Sammy the Squirrel who is a childrens favorite. Dowloaded at high resolution Sammy makes a wonderful addition to any childs room. Sammy is also a favorite for parent child projects such as creating Holiday Cards for family and friends!

Veterans Day Veterans of World War Original Headlines

In honor of our Senior World War Veterans Framed presents to you Original Headlines from this era. These are 100% original, not edited or enhanced as other may be. Show respect for those who fought in The World War by giving them these fine high resolution collectable photos. Sure to touch the heart.

Photos previews here are in very low resolutions and watermarked. For higher quality samples click on any image.
Historical World War Headlines

Historical World War HeadlinesHistorical World War Headlines

Historical World War Headlines

Historical World War Headlines

Historical World War Headlines

© Photographer: Jvecc1

Famous Heart of Stone Photo

Heart of Stone or Love on the Rocks

Update: Michael Jordan Photo

As expected the Michael Jordan submission has reached level two and has increased in price. The duration this photo will be available is unknown.
For more celebrity photos go to the "Framed Celebrities" link.

Justin Bieber Live

Justin Bieber performing live.
                       © Photographer: Ayessemedia Agency:
Justin Bieber appearing live.
                      © Photographer: Ayessemedia Agency:

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
© Photographer: Jvecc1

Price for this popular photo image of Michael Jordan will go up soon. Get yours now!
Update: This photo has reached its second level meaning the cost has increased as per hosting agency policy.

Garden Gate Landscaping

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Framed exhibits downloadable images in high resolutions for your use. Various royality free commercial and editorial photos are available simply by clicking on the image your interested in and then you will be presented with a menu of options. This site is updated daily with new images so book mark and come back often. As a note the images you see here were taken by this author and a few associates and indexed on the sites. Be sure to see our other photos.


Photos here are of very low quality and are water marked meaning they will not reproduce well at all copied from this site. Blogs limit the resolutions that are allowed. The actual downloadable photos are in very high resolutions that meet or exceed commercial or editorial use. To appreciate the full quality and to view larger sizes before downloading please go to the site hosting the image.

Florida Hospitals Emergency Room Services Wrongful Billing

Check your bills. Six Florida hospitals have been found to be over billing both medical plans and consumers. Florida State Attorneys Office has been investigating for years. Of course they call it a mistake not fraud.
Click on Image for Availability


Classic Car 1960 Chevy Impala DS
© Photographer: Jvecc1 Drivers side interior view of a 1960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible taken at The Fort Lauderdale Street Auto Show on September 11,2010.
Classic Car 1960 Chevy Convertible PS
© Photographer: Jvecc1

Classic Car 1960 Chevy Impala Engine
© Photographer: Jvecc1


Auto Accident Live Fort Lauderdale Florida Marina Mile SR84

Auto Accident Live Fort Lauderdale Florida
© Photographer: Jvecc1
LIve accident taken from a moving vehicle. Location: Marina Mile (SR84) and I95 SouthBound Exit,Fort Lauderdale Fl. @4:00pm. Depicts rollover Suv and Officer.

Siegfried Roy and Montecore

Monument turned memorial of these famous headlines on the property of the Mirage Hotel,Las Vegas Nevada in 2007. In 2003 Montecore attacked Roy during the show causing permanant injury thus halting the show.

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Tropical Coconut Palm Tree w/Unique View

Coconut Palm Tree
© Photographer: Donitamarie | Agency:

Little Girl Begging for Food
Beggar Girl
© Photographer: Thefinalmiracle | Agency:

Baby Cry

© Photographer: Thefinalmiracle | Agency:

Title: Baby Crying

New York New York Las Vegas

New York New York,Las Vegas
© Photographer: Jvecc1 | Agency:

Fremont Street Canopy by Day, Las Vegas
Fremont Street canopy by day, Las Vegas
© Photographer: Jvecc1 | Agency:

Genuine WW II Headlines Circa 40s (6) Newark Star Ledger

Historical World War Headlines
        Original World War Editorials
Historic Headlines from vintage world changing events. Unedited or photo enhanced.
Historical World War Headlines
© Photographer: Jvecc1 | Agency:

Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball
© Photographer: Jvecc1 | Agency:

   Circle Of Hot Peppers Isolated
Circle of hot peppers
© Photographer: Donitamarie | Agency: